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How to Sleep on an Airplane

Things will become irritating when you couldn’t sleep on a long distance flight. What you can do is take some advice from Independent Traveler. It has a post on ways to improve you chances to sleep in the plane. It has suggested on which are the best seats for sleeping, try to take one instead of two, skip coffee, ways to setup your sleeping environment and more:

… A recent study found that the popularity of red eye flights is on the increase. I’m among the fans of the red eye, and explain this phenomenon thusly: in most cases, time inside the tin cans we call planes is utterly lost time. It can be stunningly dull, uncomfortable, antisocial, aggravating, a modern Purgatory for the living.

Magazines and light reading offer some semblance of real life. And sure, many try to work, but we all have the nagging suspicion that the person staring into their laptop is a) trying to impress; b) is an inefficient workaholic who can’t put it down but isn’t getting anything done; c) is just waiting for us to look away so they can alt-tab back to the Solitaire game…

Sleeping on Planes – [Independent Traveler via Gridskipper]

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