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How to Read and Digest a Book

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How to Read and Digest a Book

Reading is important for personal and professional development. If you want to grow your knowledge, you have to read. Reading is a tip of the iceberg though, digesting the information is the bigger piece on the block of ice. Here is something that is useful – George Ambler introduces a process to read and digest a book:

Process Digest Book

    Implementation is probably the most important step to capture knowledge and relates the knowledge to your real life:

    The second step in systemise is to have a system to implement and integrate that which are meaningful to you into your personal life. Knowledge without application is useless. Its only as we allow new ideas and principles to change our lives that we become wise. There is nothing that will cause you to grow more than when attempting to put new ideas and principles into action. I do this using a “To Do” or “Action list” which I review daily, as described in David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”. I review this list every morning to orientate my day and I then attempt to apply some of these principles throughout the work day. I do this until new habits are formed, which typically takes 21 days.

    Strategies like teaching others on new knowledge and setting aside time to practice are two systematic ways for implementation and they are quite important for digestion.

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    How to Read and Digest a Book! – [The Practice of Leadership]

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