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How To make Enhanced Podcasts

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How To make Enhanced Podcasts

By using Apple iTunes 4.9 or ipod color, you are not only bind to listen to podcast, you can also view images or URLs during the show. The new format for enhanced podcasts are encoded with AAC audio files (m4a or m4b, m4p) which can contain new data inside. From Apple’s Documentation:

Enhanced Podcast

    … You can use Chapter Tool to create Enhanced Podcasts that work with iTunes 4.9 or later. Enhanced podcasts are podcasts that contain chapters. Chapters can be modified to display pictures or web links that can be displayed within the iTunes song artwork pane…

    Make: Blog has done a lengthy tutorial on how to make an enhanced podcast yourself. It is amazed that they also listed their ideas on different ways of using enhanced podcast format. For instance:

    • Podcast tracking
    • American Idol style – in music voting
    • Diggnation type podcasts
    • Choose your own adventure audio books
    • HOW TOs, Flash cards, learning…
    • Lyrics
    • “Brand”stand music links
    • Flickrcast?
    • Advertising (the good way)
    • META tours & sound walks
    • Tiny animations and video (sorta)
    • Gadget and product reviews

    It seems the new format has opened a new set of possibilities of delivering information by podcast.

    HOW TO make Enhanced Podcasts (images, links and more with audio) – [Make: Blog]

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