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How to Have a 36 Hour Day

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How to Have a 36 Hour Day

The title is kind of catchy, but that’s what Jon Bischke has named his blog entry. Jon won’t teach you on how to increase your daily given time from 24 hours to 36 hours, but instead he has a bunch of tips that save you time throughout the day. There are different areas of his 36 hours strategies:

  • Optimize Your Sleep
  • Optimize Your Diet
  • Multi Task
  • Get Organized
  • Improve Your Typing Speed
  • Improve Your Reading Speed
  • Learn Out Loud
  • Use Software To Your Advantage
  • Cut Your TV Time in Half
  • Get Help from Others

I enjoyed reading his tips on improving the reading speed. In many jobs (and of course school) you will require quite a lot reading. Improve your speed on reading will save you time when you need to understand the context:

… Active Reading – One of the reasons why many of us don’t read that well is that we’re entirely passive when reading. The brain engages much more when it is active and the best way to encourage this is to make notes while reading. If you’re reading a book then mark the hell out of it. Underline passages, jot notes, etc. You’ll find that your comprehension will go way up as will your reading speed (even after accounting for the time spent marking up your book). One of the best parts about making notes is that you can return to the material later and review it more quickly and effectively…

How to Have a 36 Hour Day – [Jon Bischke]

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