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How To Get Started On Anything

A blog Smart Graduate School Applications discusses about a social psychology theory called Two Factor Theory of Emotion, which predicts the elements of a person’s environment can have a significant impact to their emotion state.

The post follows on and describes this can link to how we can overcome procrastination. He suggests to start on a project while sipping coffee. He finds coffee impacts his positive emotion towards his task:

I usually work on multiple projects at the same time, and whenever a new project comes along, I find it really difficult to actually get started. Once I’ve begun making progress, I’m able to move smoothly without any problems. It’s the getting started that’s really difficult, especially if it’s something I’m not really interested in. At an intellectual level I know I have to get started, but I’m not able to summon up the motivation to begin.

For the last few months, the most reliable technique I’ve found to help me get started is to take the work to a coffee shop and begin while sipping coffee. I’ve found that this allows me to get excited about whatever is in front of me at that time. My brain appears to misattribute the physiological response to coffee as excitement about whatever I’m working on at that time…

How To Get Started On Anything – [Smart Graduate School Applications]

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