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How to Get Any Project Up and Running

Mark Forster, a time management coach, wrote a pretty well article on getting started on a project. Getting started is the hardest thing on the earth if the project is huge – especially for procrastinators. Mark’s methods involve three steps: Take some action, First thing, Every day. Here is a snippet of the Take some action step:

Take some action

You need to take some action, not just think about taking some action! It doesn’t matter how small the action is. The important thing is to get started. I’ve written before about how a simple phrase like “I’ll just get the file out” can be the trigger for getting into a difficult or daunting task.

How much action do you need to take? It doesn’t matter. Just as long as you take some action, it will keep the project alive. When people come to me with writer�s block, I usually set them the the target of writing for at least 10 minutes every day. Al Secunda in his book “The 15-second Principle” makes it even less — he says a minimum of 15 seconds work a day on any project will bring it to fruition.

Of course Al is not telling you to work for only 15 seconds. He is telling you to work for at least 15 seconds. Once you have succeeded in getting started, most days you will go on and do some significant work on the project. But even if you don’t do more than the minimum, you will have kept the project alive in your mind and you will find that you naturally get into the swing of it in the next day or so…

How to Get Any Project Up and Running – [Mark Forster]

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