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How to be more productive

There is a good piece of article on how to be productive. Productivity is usually measured by what sort of things one is working on, and it is tightly coupled with how do you spend your time. Aaron, in the article HOWTO: Be more productive talks about some good topics on productivity, including how to spend time efficiently, how to make your time higher quality. One point that I wanted to highlight on Aaron’s article out is that the mental constraints may limit the % of your high-quality of time – as simple as when you are hungry, tired or twitchy you couldn’t think as well as you are rested well:

… Time when you’re hungry or tired or twitchy is low-quality time. Improving it is simple: eat, sleep, and exercise. Yet I somehow manage to screw up even this. I don’t like going to get food, so I’ll often work right through being hungry and end up so tired out that I can’t bring myself to go get food.[^t]

It’s tempting to say to yourself, “I know I’m tired but I can’t take a nap — I have work to do”. In fact, you’ll be much more productive if you do take that nap, since you’ll improve the quality of the day’s remaining time and you were going to have to sleep sometime anyway.

I don’t really exercise much so I’m probably not the best person to give advice on that bit, but I do try to work it in where I can. While I’m reading on my bed, I do situps. And whenever I need to walk to the subway station or something, I run there…

HOWTO: Be more productive

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