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How much do/should you sleep at night?

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How much do/should you sleep at night?

How many hours do you sleep at night?

Sleeping is always a good topic to talk about at lifehack.org, because potentially we may find out our optimal hours of sleeping to use and enjoy more hours awake. But sleeping is important to our physical health, how to justify to decrease our sleeping time?

RelentlessProductivity.com has a suggestion – by experimenting it. Decrease your sleeping time per week, log and track the outcome on questions like:

1. How do you feel physically?
2. Do you feel more or less focused?
3. Do you feel more or less motivated?
4. Do you feel sleepy during the day?
5. Have you experienced any memory problems?

I see there are some logic behind this. Different people has different needs, and this is also apply to sleep. 8 hours is not a magic number, but an average of optimal sleeping time. So this is worth to experiment.

How much should you sleep at night? – [RelentlessProductivity.com]

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