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Help For Writer’s Block

Written by Stanley H
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John Bash at his blog Overcoming Laziness did a quick guide on overcoming writer’s block. Other than the symptom “cannot think of anything to write”, John actually tried to find the cause, which he thinks writer’s block is caused by being focused on the outcome while you’re writing. He uses this as an analogy on conversation:

Think about when you’re talking to somebody. While you’re talking to them, is it good to over-analyze and think about what it will be like to look back on the conversation? Of course not. Instead it’s best to just allow the conversation to flow.

He thinks it is the same with writing where you are conversing in print.

There are four solutions that he preaches:

  • Stop Fooling Yourself Into Thinking You’re Writing When You’re Really Not
  • Figure Out What Your Interruptors Are and Quarantine Them
  • Stop Calling It “Writer’s Block”
  • Use A Model.

Help For Writer’s Block – [Overcoming Laziness]

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