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Hardware Hack: The Computer Cart

Okay, time to post another hardware hack demo. Wouldn’t be nice to have a movable computer cart around my house?

Computer Cart

…The table was a solution to the problem of no longer having a coffee table. With Ginny (our 8 month old) needing a lot of space for crawling and whatnot, out coffee table ended up across the room and not very handy for setting a laptop on. I wanted something I could use as a simple computer table, and then could roll out of the way when needed…

This is the furniture I want in my living room. This piece of furniture totally avoiding the damage caused by the laptop burning my lap. The slots for remotes are just thoughtful. Read his post and more photos on it.

Thanks Isaac Garcia for the news.

The computer table prototype – [A Visit To Lornitropia]
Computer Cart – More Pictures

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