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Happiness Leads to Success

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Happiness Leads to Success

Ever see any successful people who is sad and sorrow? You probably can’t find too many examples. An article called The recipe for success: get happy and you will get ahead in life at Guardian Unlimited shows that people with happiness likes to try new things and challenge themselves, and these actions will lead them to success in work, health and relationship.

This is quite logical: Willing to try new things is a way of express their creativity, and creative people tend to have high successful of solving difficult questions. They will be more successful at work and relationship, as those areas sometimes surround with difficult questions.

The article also suggested happiness may lead to stronger immune systems, hence healthier. With all those benefits, it is ideal to increase your positive thinking and emotions. However do it with care:

… “Our work suggests that sad people should try to increase the frequency of positive emotions in their lives by doing things that make them feel happy, even temporarily,” said Prof Lyubomirsky, whose research is published in the Psychological Bulletin today.

But there is a caveat: your happiness boosters should not be dangerous, like driving fast, or counter-productive, like eating lots of chocolate.

If you can raise your spirits, the benefits can be manifold. “Happy people are more likeable and more sociable. They are also better able to cope with stress and likely to be healthier and live longer.”…

Try these ways to lead to happiness.

The recipe for success: get happy and you will get ahead in life – [Guardian Unlimited]

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