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5 From Around the Web: Track Your iPhone 5 Pre-Order, Organize Your Home, Exercise Without Noticing, Increase Happiness

Here’s a quick roundup of 5 links we picked from around the web for you to chew on from the past week.

  1. 3 Lifehacks to Help Organize Your Home: offers 3 simple lifehacks that help you to declutter, such as storage tips and how to make clothes hangers more useful. Definitely worth a look if you’re getting ready for the upcoming change in seasons.
  2. 3 Little Lifehacks: What do you do with used teabags? What’s a clever alternative to traditional wrapping paper?Ever considered a personal menu? Blogger Shannon Niebuhr discusses has some tips for you over at JoziKaroo as part of her “Tuesday Tutorial”.
  3. How to Exercise Without Noticing: More Better Smarts presents 10 tips to increase energy expenditure and lift your mood — and basically gets you exercising without even noticing that you are!
  4. How to Instantly Raise your Happiness: Everyone needs a bit of happiness, and over at MindBodyGreen there is a great “how to” to help you instantly raise your happiness.
  5. Pre-ordered an iPhone 5? One of the biggest news stories (if not the biggest news story) in the technology realm last week was the iPhone 5 announcement. If you’ve gone ahead and pre-ordered one, RazorianFly has a great article on how you can track your order — and see if it’s been shipped.

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