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Hack your pocket

Are you carrying too many stuff in your pocket or briefcase? Have a look Johnny Huh’s Briefcase (@ his flickr) on the right – It is pretty cool to have so many gadgets, but will it make your arm sore to carry all these around? Robert Daeley has realised the same thing when his lower back was hurting because he sat on his wallet in his back pocket all day. Are there something you shouldn’t carry? Robert got two questions to filter what you need to carry, and what you don’t need:

Johnny Huh's Briefcase
  1. What tools do I truly need to carry with me everywhere, every day?
  2. What other tools do I really need to do my work today?

Head to Robert’s blog to read all his thoughts.

Zen Pockets – Empty Thoughts, or Do Zen Monk Robes Have Pockets? – [celsius1414 via 43folders]

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