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Guide to Grammar and Writing

Capital Community College Foundation has a good site on Grammar and Writing which contains a very intensive guide from word and sentence, paragraph to essay and research paper level for grammar and writing. Bookmark this handy site for reference!

Sentence Level
Sentence Parts and Word Functions
Verbs and Verbals
The Garden of Phrases
Diagramming Sentences
Sentence Fragments
Run-on Sentences
Rules for Comma Usage
Punctuation Marks Besides the Comma
Punctuation Between Two Independent Clauses
Notorious Confusables
A Confusables Menu
Plague Words and Phrases
Articles and Determiners
Plurals and Possessives
Pronouns and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
Placement of Modifiers
Subject-Verb Agreement
Tense Sequence among Verbs, Infinitives,
and Participles

Compound Nouns and Modifiers
Using Italics and Underlining
Using Numbers, Making Lists
Writing Concise Sentences
Parallel Structures
Confusion: Sources and Remedies
Vocabulary Builders: Suggestions, Quizzes, Pop-Up Lexicon
Spelling: Rules, Suggestions, Quizzes

Paragraph Level
Sentence Variety
Consistency of Tense and Pronoun Reference
Avoiding Primer Language
Sentence-Combining Skills
Coherence and Transitions
Paragraph Development

Guide to Grammar and Writing – [Capital Community College Foundation]

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