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GTD Hipster PDA Planner Binding

Doug Giuliana from SolutionJunkie has came up with a very cool setup with D*I*Y HipsterPDA Planner. He printed out the template to 3×5 cards, then used some stuff sailcloths for front and back to protect the card, finally punched a hole on a corner and bind it using a small carabiner. The result is pretty attractive.

Hipster PDA binding

… Rather than bind the cards with a binder clip, I wanted to do something a bit different, fun to use, and meaningful. So I took some sample of stiff sailcloth I had and cut it into 2 3×5 pieces to match the size of the cards. The cards are stiff enough to protect the cards a bit. I punched holes into the lower corner of the cards and sailcloth and bind them together with a small carabiner. This allows me to flip through the cards without having to unclip. I also clipped on a small cross pen so I always have something to write with…

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