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GTD and KDE in Linux

Just wanted to share a good news, especially if you are a Linux and KDE user. Looking around the information today, there is a project sponsored by Google’sSummer of Code concentrated on implementing Getting Things Done methodology in KDE‘s email client, Kontact.

Kontact is what I used in my work laptop and love it a lot as an organizer and email client, especially the functionality of assigning shortcut keys to do different filtering – for instance I assigned several shortcuts for moving mails to different context folders, and file mails into different folders for GTD.

Rafał Rzepecki has been selected to implement GTD for Kontact. Goals are:

* Implement hyperlinkage between Kontact objects.
* Implement real attachments to KOrganizer items, as opposed to only storing URIs.
* Polish todo list GUI to make it efficient and easy to use.
* Research possible improvements for to-do and appointments management, keeping GTD requirements in mind.
* Implement GTD-specific views in Summary view, todo list or perhaps additional Kontact components.

Look like it is a good implementation, I am wondering how is the integration between kontact and Palm after these new features kick in.

GTD for Kontact – []

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