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Great Podcast Resource: One Minute How-To

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Great Podcast Resource: One Minute How-To

I had the pleasure of doing an interview with George Smyth at his site, OneMinuteHowTo.com. It’s pretty cool. He interviews different people about a simple how-to task, and gives you one minute to get it explained. I did mine on “How to manage projects like a rockstar.” But look at a partial list:

Item #49: How To Manage Projects Like A Rock Star
Item #48: How To Get What You Want
Item #47: How To Fix A Puncture In A Bicycle Tire
Item #46: How To Stop Your Shoe Laces From Coming Undone
Item #45: How To Stay Safe Online
Item #44: How To Deal With Something In Your Eye
Item #43: How To Write A Business Plan
Item #42: How To Find The History Of A Word
Item #41: How To Teach
Item #40: How To Put On A Bandaid
Item #39: How To Create Advertising That Really Works
Item #38: How To Test Your Smoke Alarm
Item #37: How To Cook A Proper Steak

There are DOZENS more shows to check out. Pretty neat, eh? There are lots of ways to use podcasts to impart information in different formats. I am excited by this, as there are lots of different ways people learn things. My ways trend towards visual mixed with audio, so maybe a read-along would be good?

One Minute How To – [OneMinuteHowTo.com]

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