Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership

Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership

Here is a great article by a blog called Hacknot. Technical Lead in engineering team is probably a difficult job and they have to care about technical and project management side of projects. The article focuses on the greatest mistakes of technical lead. Understand them, avoid them.

  • Assuming the team serves you
  • Isolating yourself from the team
  • Employing hokey motivation techniques
  • Not providing technical direction and context
  • Fulfilling your own needs via the team
  • Focusing on your individual contribution
  • Trying to be technically omniscient
  • Failing to delegate effectively
  • Being ignorant of your own shortcomings
  • Failing to represent the best interests of your team
  • Failing to anticipate
  • Repeat mistakes others have already made
  • Using the project to pursue your own technical interests
  • Not maintaining technical involvement
  • Playing the game rather than focusing on the target
  • Avoiding conflict
  • Putting the project before the people
  • Expecting everyone to think and act like you
  • Failing to demonstrate compassion

Read the article for the details of mistakes.

Great Mistakes in Technical Leadership – [Hacknot]

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