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Great Example on Routines has posted her routines on how to use her day on maintaining her house. She made four routines – Before Bed Routine, Morning Routine, Basic Weekly Plan and Weekly Checklist. I can see from her routines she is a very effective person. I like her way that before going to bed, she will make a “PODA (Parade of Daily Adventures)” or “To Do” list for tomorrow. The quiet time before bed time is a great time for organizing tasks for next day:

I am often asked about my routine…so I decided to share it with you. But keep in mind – this is my routine. It works for me and may not work for you. Now don’t get obsessive on me. We all have to get dressed and put our shoes on those precious tootsies of yours, bathrooms need to be cleaned daily, the bed has to be made, and of course you can’t go without shining your sink. But you can change the order of things to suit you and your lifestyle. I do feel that doing them as soon as you get up and as fast as you can gives you a certain amount of pride as you go through your day. If you don’t do them, then the guilt monster starts to eat away at you. I want you to feel productive and that doesn’t happen if you put things off…

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