Google Calendar tips

Google Calendar tips

Stopdesign has done a good tips post for Google Calendar. As he is one of the early adptor on using Google Calendar extensively, he came up couple of good tips for it like keyboard shortcuts, keyword access, syncing etc. Those are good ways to improve your productivity with Google Calendar:

1. Keyboard shortcuts
2. Customized view
3. Reminders as text messages to your phone
4. Get daily agenda via a text message
5. Mac only: Lack of Safari support
6. Mac only: Camino works too
7. Eliminate browser chrome
8. Keyword access
9. Syncing
10. Mac only: Smoother text for times
11. Privacy and security
12. Firefox extensions updated 30 Apr 2006
13. Miscellaneous

Google Calendar tips – [Stopdesign]

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Last Updated on September 22, 2019

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