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Google Calendar Notifier for Firefox

Written by Stanley H
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Google Calendar Notifier Extension provides interface for your Google Calendar feed. It accesses your calendar feeds instead your account directly and notify you with upcoming events. Pretty handy extension so that you wouldn’t need to stay on the Google Calendar web interface. Some main features are:

Google Calendar Notifier

    – Multiple Calendar Support
    – Customizable Color and Label for each calendar
    – Delete
    – Edit
    – Clear
    – Loading animation when extension updates the chain of calendars
    – Timezone drop down menu in preferences (Oasis)
    – Support for partial hour timezones (+09:30)
    – Daylight savings support
    – Quick Enabled/Disable
    – 24 Hour Time format for my UK friends
    – Added instructional information to the options window
    – Options window *should* be resizeable now.
    – Added option to not show any text in the statusbar when
    there are no events for today. (Just shows calendar icon)
    – Added new notification type: Just pops a Javascript alert dialog, similiar
    to what Google Calendar does on its own.
    – After modifying your preferences, the extension will now refresh itself
    – All day events for tomorrow will now appropriately display as “Tomorrow”
    in todays tooltip.
    – Support for Bon Echo 2.0a1 and above
    – Full localization added (Support for Polish, German, and English currently)

    Download Google Calendar Notifier – [Nicholas Pike]

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