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Google Browser Sync

Google has released another extension for Firefox which allows you to synchronizes your browser settings between computers – things like bookmarks, history, cookies, and even saved passwords. This is probably very hand if you have multiple computers in different locations, but make sure you have read the FAQ page and understand how it works and its security:

… After successfully downloading and installing the extension, then restarting your browser, you’ll see a setup wizard. (Please note that you’ll need a Google Account to complete the setup process; if you don’t already have a Google Account, you can create one now.) The setup wizard will take you through a series of quick and easy steps. You’ll need to choose which browser components you’d like to keep synchronized with your other computers (the standard install includes all possible components), and choose a PIN to protect your sensitive information.

Configuring your second computer is even easier. You only need to install the extension, log in with your Google Account username and password, and provide your PIN….

Google Browser Sync

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