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Good Memorizing Techniques

In an article called Simple Memorizing Techniques, Laura Lane introduces some effective methods on memorizing different type of data, such as lists, numbers and names. She highlights that memory works like a web – ideas and memories interconnects each others. The idea on effectively memorizing information is to create a mental framework to store information – such as the memorizing names:

…A popular technique for remembering names involves creating an image using whatever associations the name triggers. Say you meet someone named Michael Howard. You could free associate the sounds of his name and come up with ‘microphone’ and ‘coward’. You could then envision him fearfully singing into a microphone. It helps to look closely at the person and observe their features as you form your image. Asking them to repeat the name, or repeating it yourself, also contributes to success. Then, the next time you see this person, the picture will come back, and along with it, the name…

Simple Memorizing Techniques – [Positive Health]

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