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Goal at Joe's!

Not as catchy as “Eat at Joe’s,” I admit, but Ian has revealed to us his Ajaxy goal tracking software and it’s called Joe’s Goals.

It’s so simple, and yet so effective. It’s a calendar grid where you can throw your goals down the left hand side, assigning them either a check box for if it’s something good or an X box if it’s something you’re trying to improve. Then, once it’s all set up, when you log on, it’s as easy as clicking the box that lines up with the goal and the day for you to keep track of your successes or your challenges. There’s even a tally vertically of the negatives and positives, where they net out the results of your day at the bottom.

So simple, it might just work for you! I know I’ll be sending folks taking my fitness challenge to the site for a good tool.
Joe’s Goals – [via tips at lifehack dot org]

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