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Give your moleskine a better life - tips for improving your handwriting

Moleskine notebook is nice and tidy. But wouldn’t you want to write better on your moleskine to match with it? Look no further – go and read the article by Dyas A. Lawson on tips for improving your handwriting.

He said that if you are using the right muscle groups from your body, your writing will be smooth and flow better:

As you’ve probably surmised, the “right muscles” are not those in the fingers. You must use the shoulder-girdle and forearm muscles. This muscle group is capable of much more intricate action than you think and tires much less easily than fingers, besides giving a smooth, clean, sweeping look to the finished writing. Though it seems paradoxical, since we’re accustomed to thinking of small muscles having better control, the shoulder-girdle group, once trained, does the job better.

To get a feel for the proper muscles (and start training them correctly), hold your arm out in front of you, elbow bent, and write in the air. Write big. Use your arm and shoulder to shape letters; hold your forearm, wrist and fingers stationary and in writing position. You’ll feel your shoulder, arm, chest and some back muscles doing most of the work. That’s good. That’s what they’re supposed to do. Try to duplicate it each time you practice.

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