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Getting Things Done (GTD) with Mac and Palm

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Getting Things Done (GTD) with Mac and Palm

I came across an article today on electronic implementation for GTD. Steven Frank wrote down his methods on how to use Palm (Treo) and Mac to manage his tasks, projects, emails and notes. If you are using Treo or Mac you should look into his implementation – it’s pretty neat:

Archival Layout
There are a lot of ways you can set up your permanent archive. I have a root level archive folder, with subfolders by year. Sometimes, I have additional folders within the year folders for specific projects, but that’s of questionable utility since, as Gmail has shown us, it’s usually easier to just search a single big mail folder than try to invent some ad-hoc filing system.

If you get a LOT of mail, you may even want to break down the years into quarters. Breaking down into months is probably a bit too much effort.

My email archive is automatically backed up (along with the rest of our server) on a nightly basis…

He still want to improve on his system, let’s see if we can able to help him:

  • He is trying to use calendaring on events that have to be done at a specific time – to just exploit the alarm feature to remind him on doing the specific task. Are there any other good ways to do this in Mac and Palm?
  • He is trying to find a method that can sync lots of notes between two Macs and a Treo.

Mac and Palm GTD – [~stevenf : macintosh, gadgets, and general geekery]

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