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Getting Things Done & Covey Planning Diagrams

Over a million monkeys typing, Douglas has updated his diagrams on Getting Things Done and Covey Quick Reference based on the book First Things First:

DIY Planner GTD Diagrams
DIY Planner Covey Diagrams

The 8-page kit includes the following diagrams, both on odd pages (”fronts”) and even pages (”backs”), so you can choose how you want to print them:

* The original Getting Things Done diagram from the ubiquitous David Allen book (simply resized for your convenience from the original diagram available here), henceforth called GTD-DA
* The GTD advanced workflow diagram by Scott Moehring (scaled from the original available here), henceforth GTD-SM
* My new version of the GTD diagram, including prompts for mind sweeps and the weekly review, which I call GTD-DJ
* My version of a Covey Quick Reference, a summary of the methods from First Things First, which I call Covey-DJ

They are very beautiful diagrams which you can print it out and stick it on your office cube’s wall.

New GTD/Covey Diagrams for D*I*Y Planners – [a million monkeys typing]

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