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Get More Done In Less Time by Reducing Your Work Time?

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Glen Stansberry at LifeDev has shared his experience on his “evening computer fast” which he kept his computer shut down for 5 days from the evening until morning.

He is a developer, and this is pretty difficult as his work relies on the computer. I can totally understand difficulty as I am an IT person as well who live by the Internet and computers.

I do agree with his point:

But the danger of having your “workplace” at home is a grave one. It’s way too easy to mix business with pleasure, especially when you use the same tools for both.

At night, I definitely mixed both professional work and entertainment together.

That’s the reason he tried to use less of the computer to boost his productivity when he faces with a computer. The results are quite good:

The same is true with my study. When I knew that the computer was going to be turned off at the same time every day, my productivity soared to new heights. Now that I only had a static, limited amount of time, I had to squeeze the most out of it. I had to plan, and only work on the most important things that had to be done that day.

By working less I also found that I was more refreshed and willing to work the next day. The anticipation of the things I got to work on was much higher. AND, I was able to plan more the night before about what I was going to do the following day. With the combination of meticulous planning and anticipation of what I “got” to do the next day, work was tons more enjoyable.

Have you ever tried to work less and you actually accomplished more? Share your experience with us!

The 5 Day PM Computer Fast: Why I Got More Done In Less Time – [LifeDev]

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