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Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine

CoffeeFAQ has composed a set of frequently asked questions on Caffeine. Some of the answers solve myths of caffeine, and others try to take on difficult questions of caffeine. The most important and interesting is probably the caffeine and health related FAQs which talks about caffeine’s side-effect, and it relationship with metabolism etc:

… Caffeine increases the level of circulating fatty acids. This has been shown to increase the oxidation of these fuels, hence enhancing fat oxidation. Caffeine has been used for years by runners and endurance people to enhance fatty acid metabolism. It’s particularly effective in those who are not habitual users.

Caffeine is not an appetite suppressant. It does affect metabolism, though it is a good question whether its use truly makes any difference during a diet. The questionable rationale for its original inclusion in diet pills was to make a poor man’s amphetamine-like preparation from the non-stimulant sympathomimetic phenylpropanolamine and the stimulant caffeine. (That you end up with something very non-amphetamine like is neither here nor there.) The combination drugs were called “Dexatrim” or Dexa-whosis (as in Dexedrine) for a reason, namely, to assert its similarity in the minds of prospective buyers. However, caffeine has not been in OTC diet pills for many years per order of the FDA, which stated that there was no evidence of efficacy for such a combination…

Frequently Asked Questions about Caffeine – [CoffeeFAQ]

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