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Free Personal Development Toolkit

At Life Tools, they provide a free personal development toolkit to assist you with tips and tricks for your life. Covered areas such as missions and goals, time management, stress management, relationships, behavior & attitude, managing fear, decision making, finances, personal safety and career. You can download all of the life tools techniques in one PDF (link at the first paragraph), or browse different topics and download a separate PDF for each section. Here is an example section on the Responding Positively in behavior and attitude:

… People who fail to take control of the way they respond to situations often use language like “He made me feel terrible” or “This job is making me feel restricted”. Many people blame external factors for the way they feel and are letting their environment control them.

We can even choose to respond positively to fearful situations. We cannot escape fear, but we can transform it into our companion. Read ‘The Truths about Fear’ for more information on this.

If you respond positively on a regular basis it will result in you becoming more effective and in control. Being firmer about how you respond allows you to base your decisions on your values and principles, which will give you strength and integrity. This technique can be used in any situation from a personal conflict to a major crisis…

Free Personal Development Toolkit – [Life Tools]

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