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Fly Easier

Written by Chris Brogan
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Tim Matheson has some tips and tricks on making the airport security portion of your next journey a little easier to manage. The premise seems to be, “If you can easily explain what you’re carrying, it makes the ‘show and tell’ part easier to manage.”

  • Make a list of what you’re taking and minimize.
  • Categorize your belongings.
  • Check as many bags as possible.
  • Come one hour early, not two.
  • Purchase tickets far in advance.
  • Have proper ID at the ready.

Though nothing on the list is a revelation, the reasoning behind it all was interesting, and it might spark further additional add-on hacks. In fact, after you read Tim’s piece, come back and tell us what YOU would do to make the airport security part of your travel easier?

6 Ways to Make Airport Security Painless — [Technology Blog]

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