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Five Other Ways to Speed Up Firefox Search

Follow up on the last week post, Speed Up Your Search with Top Bookmarklets, readers suggested couple more quick ways to search with keywords in Firefox. For those who may not read our comment box regularly, I want to consolidate those in a post for you:

  • Use Context Menu: Highlight the word, right-click and select Search Web for “…” — JDB
  • Use Quicksearch: Use Alt-D to go to Address Bar, type “google keyword” and press enter. Go to Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks -> Quick Searches for customizing your quick searches. — MariusZ
  • Use Shortcut to go to Search Box: Press Ctrl-K to go to search box, and press ctrl-Up/Down to switch search options. — MicrowaveSafe
  • Hyperwords Extension: Get the extension, highlight a word and press Alt-LeftClick to bring up the search options. — BruceMagnus
  • DragdeGo Extension: Get DragdeGo, configure it with your own preference, highlight a word, and drag to different directions from the word to search different search engines. — PCL

Thanks for the contributions, readers! Those are great alternatives!

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