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Favorite GTD list?

There is a interesting blog post from Matthew Cornell which talks about his favorite GTD list. He says Waiting For has been a favorite for him because it gives him a sense of making progress because this is the most frequent action list he is using. He also feels that this list represents his networking activities with people, and he enjoys doing that.

… Second, recently these items represent some exciting activities in my life, and provide positive events for me to look forward to. It’s like waiting for a little gift to come in the mail – a kind of delicious anticipation. This is happening in part because I’ve been learning the joys of networking, and have been reaching out to new people. Hearing back from them is often a joyful surprise…

For me, I really like my @Home list. Usually, when I get back to home from work, I tend to forget things which I need to do – such as paying bills, calling my friends to catch up, doing some smaller personal projects. This list has been a great life saver of helping me realigning my time afterwork.

What is your favorite GTD list?

My favorite GTD list? Waiting For! – [Matt’s Idea Blog]

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