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Extra Miles on Using Gmail

Other than just sending and receiving email, what other things you can do? ExtremeTech has an article which is a excerpt from their upcoming book called Hacking GMail. We have introduced some ideas, but ExtremeTech has consolidated some cool ideas into an article, like using Gmail as a To-Do List, to find information in RSS feeds, to find Torrent files, as a notepad, as a spam filter, and as a storage for photos.

Using Gmail as To-Do List
Around the same time as Gmail was launched, the tech world spawned a fashion for being really, really, organized. To-do lists are stylish accessory for any self-respecting geek, and, of course, Gmail can be fashioned into a fine tool for such things.

Using Filters
The first way of making to-do lists is to use plus addresses and filters. The plus address feature, as you’ll remember from our previous Gmail feature, is the one where you can add a plus sign (+) and then any string to your gmail address without it making any difference. For example: is exactly the same as, or, or, or whatever. They’ll all be delivered to my address, no matter what you put after the plus sign.

Why power users can think of doing extra stuff on Gmail? The main reason is Gmail’s flexibility and its extra features like RSS feeds and filtering (and disk spaces of course) which superior than other web email services.

Using Gmail to… – [ExtremeTech]

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