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Everything You Thought You Knew About Grilling Is Wrong

Robert Brown over “A Work In Progress” has posted a pretty interesting tips column on grilling. After you have read those several tips, you should be much better on handling the grill. One of the shocking tip for me is:

. Flip Early, Flip Often. This is the big shocker. It was hard to imagine doing this at first, and when I told people, they thought I was crazy. Think about it this way: you want a juicy steak, right? Or juicy chicken, or hamburgers, or whatever. The juice is nothing more than the blood in the meat. When you put the meat on the grill, there is more heat below the meat than above. The heat forces the liquid up, through the meat. Ever see a big pool of liquid on top of the steak when you lift the cover off the grill? It’s been on too long. You don’t want it to come out of the steak, you want it to stay in the steak. So you flip every four or five minutes. Sometimes I flip every two or three, depending on what else I’m doing. Flip it before any liquid has a chance to escape out of the top. Repeat often. Flip, flip, flip. It really works. And if you think this takes a lot of time and concentration, you’re right. There’s time enough for socializing later. Do you want to grill an excellent steak or not? Okay, then. Concentrate.

I have been taught by many people that I do not flip a steak early and definitely not twice. I will try this later and have a look the result :)

Everything You Thought You Knew About Grilling Is Wrong – [A Work In Progress]

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