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Essential Resource on Once a Month Cooking

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Essential Resource on Once a Month Cooking

Sick of cooking everyday? How about cook all your meals once a month? About.com has this very interesting topic – called Once a Month Cooking (OAMC). Linda Larsen says if you have a large freezer and a bunch of containers, you can cook a batch of different recipes and freeze them. The only catch on that is to you have to be very organized to cook a large amount food at one time:

Get Organized: You have to write down all your plans in advance. Find the recipes, plan amounts, then make your grocery list. The best sites around the internet have grocery lists included – check them out! Make sure you have enough heavy duty freezer bags (I always use zip lock bags) or freezer containers to hold all your finished casseroles. Make sure you keep a notebook or tablet by your freezer to keep track of all the dishes you have prepared. This way you can make sure you have eaten all your chicken recipes before embarking on another cooking session. These lists also help you plan your month for the most varied and healthy diet…

Once a Month Cooking – [About.com]

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