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Entrepreneurial mindset for Growth

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Entrepreneurial mindset for Growth

Rosa Say has written a synchronized matching between her managing philosophy with Tom Ehrenfeld’s philosophy on entrepreneurship. She created three synchroized view between two:

  • A business must be values-centered.
  • A business must be mission-driven.
  • A business must be customer-focused.

This is not something you can apply to start up a business, or managing others, you can also use this to govern your life to pursuit your goals:

… Being true to your core values, and choosing a job wherein the values of a company’s mission are in alignment with yours is the central guiding light of the MWA philosophy. If this does not serve as your fertile ground for growth, everything else proves very difficult, and you fight unnecessary battles simply because you are in a situation that does not suit you: it does not give you full credit for who you are, and who you simply can’t help being. Separating your values at work from those which nurture you at home is self-defeating…

Your entrepreneurial point of view: a gift for growth – [Talking Story with Say Leadership Coaching]

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