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Elements of Focus

You may have the world best todo system on world – You may know the most effective productivity theory – However if you are not focus into the task on hand, you couldn’t complete anything efficiently. David Seah understands this and shares some of his idea on what makes you really focus. He suggests couple of external motivators that can create the sense of focus:


If your brain doesn’t work that way, then focus can be gained through use of external motivators. For example, a project manager can remind you of what you need to deliver by what time. Your state of mind is regulated by a third party that acts as a sort of pacemaker for keeping your brain in a regular rhythm. Setting a deadline and promising it to someone is another way of putting some external regulation on your focus mechanism. In game design, keeping the goal clear and concrete is essential! “Ship By This Date or Die” can work wonders :-)

In additional to this article, he also have a follow up on being a good single-tasker would attract focus naturally.

Hocus Focus – [David Seah]

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