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Eight strategies to think Productively

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Eight strategies to think Productively

Problem solving is hard, but there are strategies on tackling problems. Runel Soria has given eight strategies which lead you to think productively. Those are thinking styles that should able you to apply in anywhere that you need to come up with creative solutions:

  • Look at problems in many different ways, and find new perspectives that no one else has taken
  • Visualize!
  • Produce! A distinguishing characteristic of genius is productivity.
  • Make novel combinations. Combine, and recombine, ideas, images, and thoughts into different combinations no matter how incongruent or unusual.
  • Form relationships; make connections between dissimilar subjects.
  • Think in opposites.
  • Think metaphorically.
  • Prepare yourself for chance.

The article went on and talked about the qualities of genius. How many qualities do you have?

Think Like a Genius and Its Qualities – [Creativity Portal]

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