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Download YouTube Video With Greasemonkey Script

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Download YouTube Video With Greasemonkey Script

Downloading online video feed is a trend recently. Due to the popular demand of Google Video download, Google has recently added a download links to all free video. You wouldn’t need any script again.

It is a good news that YouTube Videos can be downloaded as well. Joshua Kinberg at sandbox films created a Greasemonkey script which creates a link on the top of the screen for you to save the video locally. If you never get the live player working probably, YouTube Video Download script may be the good option. Here are the instructions:

  • Install Greasemonkey Extension for Firefox
  • Go to here for the YouTube To Me Video Download Script
  • Right click on the script link, and click Install User Script
  • Reload YouTube Video page, you should see the save as link on the top of the page

And of course – if you are not comfortable to install a GreaseMonkey script, you can always use an online YouTube video download service instead for security.

Web Download for YouTube – [VideoDL]
Greasemonkeying with Google Video and YouTube – [sandbox films]

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