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D*I*Y Planner 3.0

Just wanted to send across the news that D*I*Y Planner 3.0 has been released! It is currently a Classic (5.5″x8.5″) and A5 sized edition with new designs and some good features:

* Inspired by David Allen’s Getting Things Done, but flexible enough to be used for almost any productivity method, including almost any of your own devising. Reference charts are included for GTD, including one specially designed for the D*I*Y Planner.
* A core package which includes nearly 100 pages of forms, formatted for both odd and even pages, covering everything from action lists to project management to contact information to finances.
* Dozens of variations on daily, weekly and monthly calendars, including both Sunday-Saturday weeks (as used in North America) and Monday-Sunday weeks (as used in Europe and elsewhere). No matter how you want to track your time, there’s probably a suitable form here. Dated monthly and yearly calendars are also included.
* A creativity package for writers, artists, web designers and other creative types. Other packages cover note-taking and health & fitness.
* A number of very flexible forms for tables, sketches, lists, and almost anything else you’d need to record and track.
* A number of pre-built covers, along with do-it-yourself templates in 2 format for creating your own personalised ones.
* A more professional, consistent and streamlined look and feel than previous versions.
* A detailed handbook covering basic supplies, planner options, template descriptions, printing instructions, productivity advice, and notes on setting up your own ideal planner system. A quick-start Beginner’s Guide is also available.
* FrankenFormTired of wasting tonnes of paper trying to get your printer settings just right? Enter the FrankenForm, a special template for testing and tweaking your setup for optimal output.

And of course this paper planner system is released under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial No-Derivatives license and freely available for everyone!

D*I*Y Planner 3.0 (Classic/A5 Edition) – [DIYPlanner]

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