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DIY: Build your own cubicle bike rack

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DIY: Build your own cubicle bike rack

If you are riding your bike to work and cannot find a space for putting your bike in your cubicle, you may want to think of some creative solution. If you can’t think of any solution, Berserk.org can give you an idea. By spending around $25 dollars, you can make your own bike rack in your cubicle – How cool is that:

Cubeicle bike rack

    I work. I bike. I bike to work. The problem is, I don’t have a lot of room to have the bike just sit against the wall of my cubicle. So I took it upon myself to come up with an alternate solution. As such, I present the Cubicle Wall Bike Rack.

    The solution is pretty straight-forward and is really easy to make. Here is what I did.

    How does it fare? Very very well. I’m surprised at how sturdy it is. As you can see I sort of have it setup to have the handlebars lean a bit against the adjacent wall for support, but that isn’t needed at all. Being the ever observant employee I also put some cardboard behind the wall and on the floor for dirty tire marks…

    DIY: Build your own cubicle bike rack – [Berserk.org]

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