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DIY Budget Macro Lens for Photography has a post on making a macro lens for macro photography, and the cost is less than you can ever imagine – using a Pringles can. I think I saw couple of DIY that uses a Pringles can, like the wireless antenta. How can Pringles can be that useful!

Macro Photography Lens

… What you make the actual distance tube out of is relatively unimportant, as long as it is completely light-proof. I decided to use a pringles tube because I have done projects in the past with them, so I knew that they were approximately the right size. It turned out, in fact, that it was exactly the right size. Nifty.

After removing the top and decantering all the lovely crisps into a bowl (nope, I’m not affiliated with Pringles. And the jury is still out if the crisps type have any impact on the photo quality of the end product), it was time to attack the bottom of the tube…

On top of the DIY, the article also shows some tips on doing macro- and microphotography. From the sample photos that he have taken, it is quite a fine hack indeed.

Extreme Macro Photography on a budget – []

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