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DIY – Bind or Repair your book

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DIY – Bind or Repair your book

Try to use this Japanese bookbinding techniques next time you are going to bind books. All you need to have are an awl or thin wire brads, heavy thread, a needle, pencil, and ruler. You can also use this method to repair any paperback books:

Japanese Book Binding

    Does your “Boy Scout Handbook” look as though it has been read by a grizzly bear? Are pages falling out of your favorite novel? Has the cover come off of your copy of “The Hobbit?”

    You don’t have to buy new copies. It’s easy to repair paperback books using Japanese bookbinding techniques. Just punch four holes through the book near the spine and lash it together with needle and thread. You can make sketch books, scrapbooks or blank books this way, too. To make smaller books, fold several sheets of paper paper carefully into halves or quarters, clamp the stack together and punch and bind it, then slit the pages apart with a sharp knife afterwards, being careful not to cut the binding threads.

    To rebind a paperback you will need an awl or thin wire brads, heavy thread (eight times as long as the book ‘s height), a needle, pencil, and ruler. Use carpet thread, strong nylon thread, or waxed dental floss. If you use wire brads instead of an awl you’ll want a small hammer. Binder clips are useful, too. For a scrapbook or blank book cut covers from card stock or a file folder…

    Thanks James!

    Bind It Fast – Make or repair books with this easy technique. – [SFF.net via Oolsi]

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