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Developing Work Habit (and Advice on Novel Writing)

Crawford Kilian has a good piece of advice on how to write a good novel. He also has a part on developing work habit which is pretty enlighting for everyone:

Developing Efficient Work Habits
Different writers face different advantages and drawbacks in forming good writing habits. The circumstances of your personal life may make it easy or hard to find writing time, but time itself is not the real issue–it’s habit. Writing must be something you do regularly, like brushing your teeth. The writer who waits for inspiration will wait even longer for a complete, published novel.

Writing habits flourish best in routine, but the efficient writer also exploits opportunity.

Routine: Set aside some time every day when you can work undisturbed for an hour or two–first thing in the morning, during lunch, after dinner, whenever you can set aside other demands. Ideally, it’s the same time of day. Your family and friends will soon build their routines around yours. With luck, they will resent your unscheduled appearances during your writing time, and will send you packing back to your desk…

Setting routine is one of the best ways to get into habit. One said if you are keep doing one thing on a scheduled time for 21 days continuously, you will able to get it into your habit.

Also if you want to get something into your habit, try to avoid interruption. Go to your study room or a quiet place. Organize a time with your family or friends to set aside a time for you to concentrate.

If you are not a novel writer, it is still very good read on Developing Efficient Work Habits section. If you are a novel writer, the whole article is for you :)

Advice on Novel Writing – [Crawford Kilian via moleskinerie]

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