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Debt Diet: Step-by-Step Action Plan

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Debt Diet: Step-by-Step Action Plan

At Oprah.com, financial experts David Bach, Jean Chatzky and Glinda Bridgforth offer a step-by-step action plan to help you get rid of your debt. The plan has 8 steps, and they concentrate on calculating your essential costs and cut back your excess costs – and stick to your spending plan! It is all about save what you got to free yourself from financial problem sooner:

  • Step 1: How much debt do you really have?
  • Step 2: Track your spending and find extra money to pay down debt
  • Step 3: Learn to play the credit card game
  • Step 4: Stop spending
  • Step 5: Create a monthly spending plan
  • Step 6: Take big steps to grow your income
  • Step 7: Prioritize your debts and raise your credit score
  • Step 8: Understand your spending issues…and save!

Oprah’s Debt Diet: Step by Step Action Plan – [Oprah.com]

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