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Dealing With Negative People

Dealing With Negative People

Draining, anti-productive negative people. It may be someone who is always complaining about something, or attacking you personally; there is much to gain by correctly handling these people.

Catherine Pratt has written about 9 ways to deal with a negative person. The key, in my opinion, is becoming detached emotionally and looking at things objectively. Is this worth my time or energy? Can I make something positive out of this; help the person, for instance? Should I take some of this to heart?

You should know whether trying to help someone who is always thinking negatively will actually help, or whether they are just venting.

3. Say, “Now tell me something positive.”
Right after they’ve finished telling you some tragic story, say to them, “now tell me a positive story”. Some people have no idea how negative they’ve become.

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