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Customer Service Tips from Hooters

My new favorite idea generator website, Idea Sandbox, really stopped me in my tracks with this: customer service tips from Hooters. If you’re not from the States or an area that has a Hooters nearby, it’s um… well, I haven’t really figured out how best to describe the situation, but it’s a fast food restaurant that specializes in buffalo wings and stuff, who feature women in scanty, tacky outfits. (Big hit with the fellers, and it’s all in good fun, but not exactly most people’s wife’s favorite place to dine.)

All PG rated, I promise.

Anyhow, Idea Sandbox has customer service tips that they espouse at Hooters, and they’re darned good. Of course, they’re geared towards restaurant work, but I find that customer service best practices often span more than one service opportunity. True?

Here are the first 4 of 16:

  1. Greet incoming Guests from wherever you are
  2. Seat Guests (at the best table in the house, yours of course)
  3. Greet table (within 30 seconds or less), suggest a specific drink
  4. Inform Guests of a specific special or promotion

I like the first because it’s a peeve of mine to be ignored by service workers until they’re ready. At least say hi! The second is just fun. The third part, about suggesting a specific drink, now there’s something you can put into play in YOUR career. Don’t bring generalizations to any meeting: bring a specific suggestion. Don’t say, “I don’t like how we’re doing this.” Say, “I think we should get Vidya to write a rollback script.”

The fourth is a lot like the third, to me.

But what’s your take? Can you learn from the talented customer service stylings of Hooters?

Delivering Customer Service at Hooters – [Idea Sandbox]

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