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Cure for Insomnia: The Fruit Alphabet

Anne has a tip on her insomnia problem. It is not counting sheep or reading books – she discovered replace your thoughts with a subject that interesting but repetitive enough can make her sleepy. So she uses the fruit alphabet:

While falling asleep recently, I was thinking about all the fruit out there, and whether there is a fruit for every letter of the alphabet. You know, apple, banana, cherry… I didn’t get far. I fell asleep around ‘honeydew.’ The next night, I tried again. Same thing. The fruit alphabet, it turns out, is a perfect cure for insomnia.

I don’t know if the fruit alphabet works for chronic insomnia, and it definitely won’t conquor sleeplessness induced by three cups of coffee before bed. Where it’s proven to work is those occasions where your body is exhausted and ready to sleep, but your brain is running all over the house, pants on fire, frantic with anger, worry, or plain old excitement…

Thanks Anne for the tip!

Cure for Insomnia: The Fruit Alphabet – [I Had an Idea This Morning]

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