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Creating a Custom Moleskine Planner

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Creating a Custom Moleskine Planner

Moleskine is not as popular as before – but I am sure it still has its fans. Best of all it is elegant, it is free in style, you can customize it in any ways. Mike Rohde, a visual designer, shares his setup on creating a custom moleskine planner. He bought a new line-ruled Pocket Moleskine notebook and draw up his custom planner:

Moleskine Planner Custom

    Planner Formatting
    On the ruled Pocket Moleskine, I found I could divide the page vertically into 3 sections of 7 lines each, with room at the top of the page for the month on the top left of the page and week number on the top right of the page. I’ve even kicked around the idea of using this space up top for inspiring quotes.

    Next I added the days and dates to each section of the two-page spread, dividing the 6th block on the lower right page in half with a vertical rule for Saturday and Sunday. The Uniball Signo 0.38mm pen worked very well, as the thin line dried quickly and didn’t bleed through the Moleskine paper stock.

    I continued with this format for 31 two-page spreads, through December 31, 2006. Pocket Moleskines have 192 pages, so it’s possible to do an entire year and have several pages left over for notes (one distinct advantage over a stock Moleskine Weekly planner).

    Pretty neat.

    Creating a Custom Moleskine Planner – [rohdesign]

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